Monday, October 14, 2013


I do not wish for gold, diamonds worldly riches , fame or power. I will earn it in the course of my life.
Rather I wish for beautiful views of natural wonders which will make me forget of all these. Which will give my soul a reason to live longer. A reason to be happy.
Here I remember a man who actually rose to fame and power out of common man with little of material riches but abundance of spiritual , goodwill, public support and caring and also jealousy. He was surrounded by that beautiful vistas all around him. And he deliberately protected which was given him by his forefathers. A thing of beauty and joy forever. We see him as a king. But he was an
environmentalist at heart. Who actually conserved the flora, fauna and culture. That's why whenever Sahyadri word comes to my mind Shivaji is a natural extension of it. There is no colour of caste or religion or history attached to it. It is just like romeo & Juliet or Ram Sita, Radha Krishna. This is also a love unbound to a single person. It is a universal love. Spreading beyond religion, caste, humankind. He thought for all. He strives a balance. A human rose out of humans , cared for the shrusti around self in the state of awareness.

So how can we confine him for one thing. There are greater civilization on the back of this earth, great and beautiful mountains, and even more dense forests abundant with wildlife. But where we connect emotionally is SAHYADRI. Why ? We will have to go back to our childhood. Our roots are deeply rooted in the mountains. All the elements contribute to our birth and nourishment. Our physical , mental growth and spiritual well being. And we are living under the blessings of this mountain. We drink the water which flows out of it, eat which grows in the soil enriched by the volcanic rocks , breathe the very air which comes down from the hills. We are made from the mountain whether we accept it or not. We are part of it.