Tuesday, December 23, 2014

wayanadu ( waynad - Everngreen Dream)

                                                  A dream with wide open eyes.
  Somewhere towards the Mysore. An alternate route with beautiful vistas.

when one is out of the shell called home . Many things becomes clearer first is the understanding towards surroundings and second of self.
the richness of nature reflects in set food music everything. Spices, bakery items, handicraft, architecture. Ayurveda, dance , cleanliness.
it is not only a nature but innate character of people. So many outside influences are pouring. Still local flavor is above of all.

After Mysore city border we saw this beautiful temple. ( Photography is not allowed inside ).  Must see place.
On the right side a beautiful lake and homes with coconut trees.A few kilometers after Mysore.

So beautiful and colourful trees intertwined . On Ooty road we went ahead ( 3 kms ) instead of turning for Sulthan Bathery. So took u turn . But the stop worth for a cup of coffee in the courtyard of the hotel with  beautiful garden.
Approximately 10 kms after Gundlepet the forest starts. It's really thick and thrilling. A domain of tigers, leopards, elephants and many more wild creatures. We saw spotted deers. But the ride was 100%  adventurous.
Huge bamboos were on our both sides. Some crumbled down others standing tall. It was their kingdom.
At last the forest changed into the typical evergreen scene. We were up on the hill. And suddenly we saw wide open space ( paddy field & beetle nut farm). 
On the way to Kalpetta ( approx. 3 kms from Sulthan Bathery ) we took a turn to the right. We were greeted by this huge Coffee plantation. Omnipresent Coffee plantations. It's so much everywhere . Sudden intervals of jungle and paddy fields changes the scenario.

The valley with the cloud toppings was looking really beautiful . So do the jungle ahead. We felt liked gone back into the past. No sign of modernity. And it was raining as well. A nice romantic atmosphere.  We thought let's celebrate.
And we landed to the Grand Bake House in Sulthan Bathery . A beautiful bakery with neatly arranged sweets, cakes, cookies, salty items along with many more things. We bought some cookies, homemade chocolates and coffee  It's really nice place to have snacks.

Next day morning we thought to explore the surroundings. It rained heavily previous evening. So I was not feeling well. Morning brought sunshine and lifted the mood. We turned for the Eddakal caves. A few kilomters from the Sulthan Bathery. Road is scenic . It offers new views on every turn. So this big rock was in front of us hidden in the forest and farms.
Everywhere around us we saw coffee plantation, banana farm, other spices etc...
Fortunately roads are really nice to drive. Thanks to Kerala Govt.
I heard those caves are pre historic. And surprised to see Christian carvings on the rocks. But soon realized it is done maybe in this century by some devout person. But the artwork was beautiful to see.

Sky was rich blue and shining sun. We were sweating also due to the humidity. Cool breeze was blowing intermittently. So a relief while climbing on the hill.

After climbing the hill everything can be seen around the nearby area. Otherwise it all is hidden by the green canopy while driving.
Some long distant we saw brutal cutting of hills. No option in this construction Era.
The cave is really small yet well maintained. Anyways the walk is really very nice. Everything is very clean and well maintained. Those who are interested into history / archeology they must visit it. Or else it can be skipped.

This cute monkey boy was trying to attract visitors. And I was just below him ; so grabbed the opportunity to frame it.
The height of trees is really height. I saw the tree covered by the red earth .
Finding variety of leaves, trees , fern , orchids, parasites is easy in Wayanad. A forest district of Kerala.
While returning from the caves we saw many shops on both sides.