Monday, December 1, 2014


A wonder by the Malabar coast ( North Kerala)

After crossing Mangalore greenary became more green . So do the frequent sighting of ocean & river confluence.
The first sighting of the Bekal Fort was really mesmerizing.
It was close to the coast. A vanguard of Northern Kerala . Tucked away in a time wrap witnessing crazy rain with crashing waves.
This was so unique beach. No one was around with occasional sighting of local fishermen. It was all ours for the time being. So who do need a private beach for extra buck when you have everything free.
Swimming is not recommemded here . So I ran in the beach sand.
I couldn't control to capture these rocks and waves honeymoon ( ?) But it's really risky. Better to watch it from the distance.

Sea water looks like milk poured over shivaling.
This sudden slope is very cute to photograph. And a forbidding warning of our limits to play.
This was soooooo ethereal which lasted for fraction of a second. We never seemed to be bored of it.

The time came to say goodbye.

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