Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dubare Elephan Camp

I read a lot about it on the internet and in tourism guides. So I thought let's visit it. Anyways my dear daughter was super excited to wash elephants with her hands. It was our second day of the vacation. And we were staying in the palace city Mysore. We woke up early to leave the city.  Climate was really pleasing. I was in no mood to leave the city. But we had many more surprises throughout the day.  As soon as we left the beautiful city we saw these pink coloured mangoes in line on highway.
We bought some to our ardent mango lover daughter. And again vroomed the car. The road is absolute dream. So smooth like butter ! ( don't take it literary ) I was having the pleasure of driving in the countryside.
The countryside is a peaceful change to my eyes. And being from the village I love the farms , trees , farmers is nostalgic. Even though we are a nation of villages our life is so engrossed in the work; that hardly get time for rustic life. So this was a slice of that life.
House structure also changes en route to Dubare. This is a high rainfall zone so roofs are slanted. And a few houses I saw covered with mud in a different pattern. Indeed photogenic! And yes utilitarian rather than show off.
We reached there around 8.00 a.m. I read in the guide book that we have to be there before 8.30 a.m. to witness the bathing ceremony. So here we reached. Looooong long line was there on the river bank for waiting to cross the other side. Some rubber boats and launches were ferrying the river to help people cross the river Cauveri. The charge is somewhere around 50 rs per person. Also there is parking charge for your car in the bustling place.
She loves to see to travel ; it maybe boat or a railway. A die hard traveler. Every bit of the journey was fun for her. My driving was fruitful when she first touched the baby elephant. Their bath was just concluded. Fortunately we reached there to see the ceremony .

Afterwards we climbed up to the campsite. There were more than 10 elephants. Some where just freshly bathed. Other were enjoying their breakfast. So many people standing in the line to have an elephant ride. We avoided that.  Anagha had a chance to touch elephant and his huge tusk. It was father's day. I was delighted to gift her an opportunity to spend time with elephants.

This place is close by to Mysore on Coorg road. You can see coffee estates en route  and also Bylkuppee ( Monastry of Tibetian Buddhists ). A one day tour from Mysore can be easily done. But two days will be ideal and relaxed. You can shop fruits, food products ( local ) , fruit wines etc.... 
Having own vehicle is the best on this route ; so you can stop anywhere to enjoy the scenery. There is one lotus pond in between Bylakuppe and Dubare. 

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