Friday, June 6, 2014

LAVISH LAVASA ( Hill city of Sahyadri )

One of the coolest weekend spot close to Pune ; Maharashtra's IT capital. Nestled in the forests of Sahyadris on the valley slope is a beautiful surprise. ( It is definitely inside the rich forest area which is a different issue.) But really well planned city seems completely a dream city.
We have experienced every season here. And every season is in full bloom due to it's unique location. Water remains throughout the year due to the damming of the river.

Food : Most of the restaurats are costly as usual . But those who wants to have a taste of local village cuisine there is an option. It is around 2 kms before entering the city gate. A small shade enough for 20 people at a time can serve you really delicious food. Rates are affordable.
Those who have good budgets ; for them Lavasa is really lavish , nice resorts, hotels and restaurants are ample. One thing surely everyone can do is to have a cup of coffee by the river side at CCD. It's a refreshing experience.
Petrol Pump: fortunately there is a pump in Lavasa . Otherwise you will have to fill your car / bike tank at Paud . In between there is no chance of petrol . So better to be prepared beforehand.

Watersports : Lavasa is really nice for water sports. boating and other related activities are run by pro enterprises.

Kid's Activities: For kids it is real fun. Every corner of Lavasa is beautifully decorated; nature walks , small road side gardens, kid's play area .... They are the one who will thoroughly enjoy this experience. 

Overall you cannot fully see the beauty of this hill city. It is a beautiful combination of nature and urbanization. Yet distinct from the other cities. Don't know how much impact it will have on the nature. Still it has offered an options those who wants to spend some time in nature with all the modern amenities.

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