Sunday, June 29, 2014

Natural Forces

Whenever I go to the beach / river / on a hilltop my heart feels the exalted sensation. The flowing fresh air passing over my body , sound of waves , fragrance of the jungle coming from the hills. The fury of the natural forces scares my mind ; still I cannot control the curiosity . They are behaving in their natural way . The crackling thunder strike , striking clouds on a hilltop and roaring waterfall all are mystic and living proof of the God is here with us and within everything in miraculous way. Every one is different , decorated in different colours, shapes , sizes ..  It maybe a tiny delicate fern leaf or a grand cliff.
One thing is sure the sheer size makes an impact. And none can beat the Kokan Kada of Harischandragad, Sandhan gorge, mountain wall of Alang , pinnacle of Lingana , Kaas (flowers) pathar . Every one of them is unique and casts a spell on me for lifetime. When I go there "i" melts and become the place itself. The collective beauty of elements created these landscapes over centuries. What I have is the mind to appreciate it . Somewhere deep down this I is also part of this bigger landscape ( us ) . Collective formation of elements or clashes attract my mind. Obviously it is made from them only so it is bound to drag me there to be a part of it. But sometime I am too much scared to see the dark depths. The fear of the unknown.
The deconstructed constructions of modern world always takes away the peace. Only the silence of night brings back peace. On the contrary when we go in the sanctuary of nature I return to normality .

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